Business Advisor


A Business Advisor is professional trained to provide services to both buyers and sellers of businesses that are valued from $50,000 to as much as $50,000,000.

Often a seller requires assistance in valuing his/her business and determining appropriate terms of sale. Without professional advice, many owners mistakenly sell out for less than the full value of what they have spent a lifetime building. Others wait months to find a buyer because they have overpriced their business. The professionals at Transworld Business Advisors  have their fingers on the pulse of the marketplace-their knowledge can be critical.

As a professional, trained in all areas of business brokerage, the Business Advisor is an expert whom both buyer and seller can turn to for help and objective advice.

Because we are committed to the philosophy that we will continue to succeed in direct proportion to the success of each individual broker, our support of your career with us will start at the beginning and keep right on going. Consider the highlights of this opportunity:

  • A complete training program that will enable you to master the fundamentals of business brokerage.
  • On-going advanced workshops which help you deal with more complicated sales.
  • The trouble-shooting expertise of your local franchisee as well as the ongoing support of our Corporate Mentors.
  • A practical and coordinated package of sales and training aids.
  • Newsletters, hotlines, and information updates.
  • Regional and national seminars.
  • Third party computer based Business Valuation Systems which assist in properly pricing a business.
  • An International Network of Professionals
  • A proprietary Sales Force (Sydney) multiple listing system

We would like you to explore all the possibilities available when you choose an exciting career with Transworld Business Advisors.

First however, you should do a little self¬ assessment. Ask yourself a few questions about your goals and expectations.

  • Examine your experience in business.
  • Take stock of your present earnings potential.
  • Ask yourself if you have the self-discipline to be your own boss.
  • Are you a Self Starter?
  • Do have the ability to multi-task?
  • Will you follow proven systems?
  • Discuss this opportunity with your family; show them this brochure and tell them of your visit to our office.
  • Then, make every day count. Our training program is the place for you to start on your way to success in an exciting new career, with the leader in the Field…

We’d love to hear from you and have you join our team. 

Join the team!

Transworld Business Advisors seeks gutsy, ambitious individuals to join our team of ever-growing business professionals dedicated to making the buying, selling, and franchising dreams of people across the nation come to life. We value initiative and a willingness to fully be submerged in the businesses of our clients.

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