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Marv Soldner

Marv Soldner

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3 Tips for First Time Business Sellers in Minnesota

You’ve made the decision to sell your business. Congrats! There’s no doubt that a lot of stress is wrapped up in deciding to sell, but there’s also a great deal of excitement. As a result, it can be very easy, especially for first-time sellers, to forget that selling a business is a multistep process, requiring careful planning to maximize your potential returns.

Thinking about retiring? buy a business

As people approach retirement age, two fundamental questions can result in a little anxiety and hand wringing. What if I out-live my retirement funding? and Now what am I going to do? Even if you love your career, many industries have mandated retirement ages. Many people find themselves with a “forced” question of retirement as employers downsize, offer attractive early retirement options, or just close the doors. Hopefully, we will all be faced with the” Now what?” question. Rather than getting stressed with the question, view it as a successful milestone. It’s a good thing to be at this point in your life.

Working Capital Considerations in Selling Your Business

While the definition of working capital is simple to define and monitor over time (current assets minus current liabilities), there are several considerations for business sales. Your Advisors’ experience and preparation can smooth potentially contentious closing disputes.

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