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Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Statements, Income Statements, and Taxes: A Quick Overview

If you're in the process of buying a business, there's a whole lot of information to take in and digest. If you're not familiar with accounting terms and documents, it can be overwhelming, leaving you wondering just where to begin.

Business Purchase Finance + Down Payment Funding: Where to Start

You've found the perfect opportunity: an established business with a customer base already in place in a field you're passionate about. And it's for sale! But you're not sure if you can afford it.

How to Effectively Analyze a Balance Sheet

Among the most valuable tools for determining the value of a businessis its balance sheet. It can reveal some very telling information about the company if you know what to look for.

Business Ownership: Evaluating Projected Cash Flow

For a lot of new business owners, and those looking to buy a business, the uncertainty of what the future holds can be a source of great anxiety. But what if we told you that there was a tool you could use to help you predict future problems so that you can do something about it before it happens?

What to Keep in Mind When Inheriting Personnel/Employees with Buying an Existing Business

After countless working hours dedicated to purchasing a business, it’s time to start considering the events that will happen soon after the purchase is completed. Sometimes, along with buying an existing business, you automatically inherit the employees and individuals who now work for you.

Understanding Debt Disclosure and Other Financial Concerns with Your Newly Purchased Business

So, after countless hours of hard work and dedication, meetings with sellers and your acquisition team, you’ve finally successfully completed the purchase of an existing business. As a passionate entrepreneur, you knew ahead of time what you were getting yourself into. New goals, relationships, and experiences are all a part of being the owner of a newly purchased business.

Make Sure You Are Buying at the Best Price

Like with all purchases, individuals usually enter a market looking to pay the lowest price as possible for their goods or services. But, as in the world of materialistic purchases, the lowest price does not mean that you’re receiving the best deal. A well-made, high-quality pair of shoes that are a little costlier will get you a lot farther than quickly made, cheap shoes.

How to Finance a Business Purchase

As a successful and experienced entrepreneur, you know the importance of securing a financial plan that works for you, and the individuals who you are purchasing from. Before you even develop a rough draft of the business you are interested in acquiring, you should have a clear idea of where your money is going to come from, and how you can best make a sound decision on your financing options.

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